the band
The band

Oingo Boingo was a constantly evolving creature, and many powerful masicians contributed to this glorious entity.  Let us not forget these amazing wielders of the music.

Danny Elfman
Deity of the band, no one lives forever but surely he will. 

Leon Schneiderman 

Essentially a wizard. He built original instruments and costumes and devices for the group's amazing and unique shows. He now sculpts and builds / plays percussion instruments.

John "Vatos" Hernandez
The amazing drummer fueled the energy of Oingo Boingo. His website

Kerry Hatch
Role in Boingo: Bass, bass synthesizer, key rhythm vocals. Original Oingo Boingo band member.

Sam "Sluggo" Phipps
Clearly the best saxophone player in the universe. His website

Dale Turner
The amazing trumpet player.


Richard Gibbs
He was playing piano since five! His amazing talent drew him to oingo boingo. His website