The band

Those that know of Oingo Boingo usually think of Danny elfman as the star, but it was Danny's brother Richard along with Danny, that set in motion this awesome creation. After High school, Richard voyaged to france and joined "Le Grand Magic Circus". Danny joined the group as well, and they toured thoughout the land! It was during this time that Danny started writing music for the group to play. 

Time went by, Danny left the circus to wander the lands of Africa on a vision quest. He had visions of angels, demons. Millions of years past. He heard the music. 
Danny returned to the earth, traveled to Las angels and reunited with Richard. Joined by Marie-Pascale, Gene Cunningham and Matthew Bright. Music was written. They started to play. Music flowed through the universe, the amazing sound could not be held within this dimension by mere mortals, transformed by the music they were no longer subjects of this dimension, They had become mystic knights.